Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Warm Weather at Last. Kickstarter, 1975 XLCH 1000 Sportster, It just had to happen "!6&$)(*~@?"

  First day here in Ireland that it has been warm enough to get into the workshop without tools sticking to my hands. The main focus is now on getting the Engine Running. I need to wire the electrics fit the Coils. Generator and Regulator. Plumb the oil lines and set up a fuel supply.

  Today was Exhausts and Kick starter. I finally got the two blots to secure the kicker/Sprocket cover plate fitted the exhausts, I still need to tie down the end of each to the frame.
Put the Kick start Spring on and the Kick start Pedal then one kick and 

   I got on to Fleabay there were two for sale and ordered a new one, from these guys, as usual with everything for me Ironhead the shipping costs more then the part :(

At least I can get on with the rest of the list ;)

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62 Ironhead said...

Hi Brian,

Great to hear that the weather is warming up and allowing you to get back into the is looking good.

The weather is warming up for me also, however is stopping me from working in my shed as it has been +40 degrees Celsius (+100 F).