Friday, November 18, 2011

S&S Super E

   I have read so much about the S&S Super E and the Ironhead (This one came with the bike) being the Carb to have, I have now stripped the HD Screamin Eagle 46mm Keihin and the S&S and they are both Butterfly Carbs with an Accelerator Pumps. The build of the S&S is fantastic, there is no doubt that this is a quality item. But having said that the Screamnin Eagle is well made easy to work on.

    One Thing that is funny is the members of the XLforum all say the screamin Eagle is to big at 46mm and will over Carb the Bike!!!  Funny as S&S Super E is a 47.5mm Carb...Tooo much Carb :)

     I am going to have some fun comparing the performance of both of these. For a start I have to fine tune the 46mm SE with all the relevent tweaks the Shovelhead boys have learned the hard way and rejet it

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