Monday, October 3, 2011

Wheel Lacing Part 3

Jury Rigged Wheel Truing Stand. Note the four black marker lines on the rim, the spokes either side are the eight I did the main wheel truing with. See Video Above

Leveled Axle

Homemade Gauges,

Bent wire is for up/down truing, I want a round wheel not oval ;)

I didn't have a Spoke spanner but a normal 1/4 or 6mm spanner did just fine

Forgot to get a new belt to cover the nipples ends so I clean the old one and turned it around

With New Tube and Tire

I really like the thinner rim, it makes the front look a lot lighter to me. Now I have to get a nice rear 18" Rim and do it all over again ;-)

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